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the indigo girls are playing an hour and a half from my house tonight. i am not going. i saw them in santa rosa last night and in reno the night before. i am seeing them in arcata (humboldt county) tomorrow night. a few years ago, i would have been driving to modesto (yes, modesto) tonight to see IG. i also would have gone all up the pacific northwest, despite not being thrilled by most of the venues. and i would be making plans to go see them in the midwest in april. but i'm not. and i am not seeing them in modesto tonight. and i am not only content in this, but am happy about my decision.

i know what y'all are thinking. this is not another diss on how boring IG's setlist has become. i am choosing to post this publicly to live journal because lj was my original "indigo girls blog." of course it's not that anymore. hell, i hardly ever write here. but i figured this would be more appropriate to post on lj than facebook since many people used to read my blog for its indigo girls content. (i am pretty sure this will show up on my facebook page since a long time ago, i fed my public lj posts into my facebook notes. that is fine. i just feel it's more lj appropriate.)

reno was an amazing show. so was santa rosa. i have had two amazing shows with varied setlists, chatty indigo girls, photos taken after the shows, etc. i have never had so much fun at IG shows. and i realize that i am having this amount of fun because seeing them is special again. it's no longer a 20+ times per tour obligation. i'm no longer "sick of them" because i hardly ever see them anymore. in fact, my love for them has come back! just not in the old way where i felt the need to travel across the country (or world) to see them.

although i have had moments of "aw, modesto is so close and i should go," i am very pleased that i decided not to go. i realized that all of this touring was cutting into my life. i live in the greatest city in the world (sorry new york and london). i have fabulous friends here. my school and work is here. my life is in san francisco. and my life felt so cut in half while i had an "indigo girls touring" life and a "karen in san francisco" life. the two halves didn't compliment each other. tonight, instead of going to modesto, i am going to get to see one of my favorite people, who i have not seen in over a year because he lived in new zealand, and have dinner with him and my homohusband and my homohusband's boyfriend. if i were in modesto, i wouldn't be doing any of this. them, after dinner, homohusband and i are taking off to begin the long drive to humboldt county. we are spending the night in mendo, and continuing up to arcata and northern humboldt early tomorrow morning. we will hike redwood national park, smoke some amazing cannabis, and have an all around blast in humboldt. then we're picking my friend up from the airport and are all going to see the indigo girls together in arcata.

three times this tour. three times on a west coast tour practically in my backyard. and as much as i am enjoying their shows and will miss the indigo girls (for a moment, none of the post tour blues i used to get), i will be all the more excited to see them next time. and will enjoy all of their shows so much more.

i think that a lot of people who "know" me through the IG circuit think they know me. most don't even know my real name (contrary to popular belief, my parents did not name me spike). i am not just the girl who goes to a lot of indigo girls shows. even when i went to tons of shows, i was never JUST that person, and i feel that is how i came across to a lot of people. my own fault, of course. another reason i wanted to post this here and not only to facebook is friends on facebook who are really friends of mine. not just indigo girls touring buds or other fans i only know online.

i still love the indigo girls. my love for them will never go away. i've loved this band since i was 11 years old. however i love other music too. and so many other things about life. and i love (more than anything right now) that i went to an indigo girls show on wednesday night, didn't give a shit what they played, enjoyed every song (even that song that i always make fun of was fine. i mean, they don't have to play it, but i didn't sulk when they did), was with wonderful people, and had a blast. i talked to amy and emily after the show, and after not seeing them in all the while, i think they were even happy to see me. (the reactions were sweet). i can't say i am sure of that from the days of my past. but reno was different. and so much better in so many ways. santa rosa too. i have zero complaints about either show. in the past, during the days of alot of shows, the reno setlist would have bored me to death. and i would have not been ok with my seats in santa rosa (there's a first time for everything, even me sitting in the balcony. granted it was first row balcony, but not "close enough" to amy and emily and that's where i would not have been at good). but i left both shows on such an indigo high. amazing.

i am so excited for the arcata show tomorrow night. but i am also so excited to see friends tonight in san francisco, have a real weekend away in humboldt county with someone i adore, and come back home at the end of the weekend and get back to studying and start work at my dream job (yay me!).

i am pleased with the moderation. sure, i'll still go see the girls. i'll always catch them a few times when they're in my neighborhood (or make a special trip out of it like i am doing for humboldt). but gone are the days of the crazy travel, early mornings in line, and the "i need to see every show on tour." and for me, that is all for the better.

i still have friends who tour with IG and this is in NO WAY a knock at anyone. everyone is different, and i realized by seeing them so much, i was starting to resent the live IG experience.


Mar. 27th, 2010 12:18 am (UTC)
I'm glad you were able to regain your IG high! It did make me sad to read about your excitement waning over the last 2 years or so. But then again I guess MY excitement waned like 8 years ago, and I never toured. Going to as many shows as you did this tour would have been about the best I ever did, but I was always glad to go! Maybe my excitement was just never as high, but it hasn't ever gone away either.

Of course my new goal is to see IG in Atlanta. Hell, I live less than 3 hours away, it should be a no brainer! But I've not done that yet...

Still, somehow you were never Spike to me (I'm pretty sure the handful of times I ever saw you back in the IndigOhio days you just went by your name; also WHOA that was like a decade ago!), and you weren't just someone who went to almost all the shows. You were a neat person I'd occasionally get to see at IG shows, who I wish lived closer than Springfield so we could hang out!

Anyway, I'm glad you are finding the balance you are happy with! Enjoy your spring!
Mar. 27th, 2010 12:20 am (UTC)
Also, I just saw Atl Lilith Fair tickets just went on sale. Perfect excuse to finally see IG in Atlanta. However I'm too broke. Will probably just have to hope lawn type tickets don't sell out before I'm not broke and hopefully I can find someone to go with!
Mar. 29th, 2010 05:47 am (UTC)
Yep. :) It's like anything really. Doing it because you feel like you NEED to do it, versus doing it because you really want to and will enjoy it.

The years of crazy touring etc. were important for you I think - there was stuff you needed and wanted to get from it. You wouldn't be who you are now if you hadn't had those experiences.

Selfishly, I do wish you were coming to the Bloomington show, though. :)
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"world falls" - amy ray (indigo girls)

i'm coming home with a stone, strapped onto my back
i'm coming home with a burning hope turning all my blues to black
i'm looking for a sacred hand to carve into my stone
a ghost of comfort, angel's breath to keep this life inside my chest

this world falls on me with hopes of immortality
everywhere i turn all the beauty just keeps shaking me

i woke up in the middle of a dream scared the world was too much for me
sejarez said, "don't let go, just plant the seeds and watch them grow"
i've slept in rainy canyon lands, cold drenched to my skin
i always wake to find a face to calm these troubled lands

this world falls on me with dreams of immortality
everywhere i turn all the beauty just keeps shaking me

now i'm running to the end of the earth
and i'm swimming to the edge of the sea
and i'm laughing i'm under a starry sky
this world was meant for me
don't bury me, carry me

i wish i was a nomad, an indian, or a saint
the edge of death would disappear, leave me nothing left to taint
i wish i was a nomad, an indian, or a saint
give me walking shoes, feathered arms, and a key to heaven's gate

this world falls on me with dreams of immortality
everywhere i turn all the beauty just keeps shaking me

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